Welcome to Winchester, a small town in southern California and home to the lovely miss Panda Jenn and her cast. “Simply Panda Jenn” is a situation themed comedy which centers around the everyday lives of these characters and their many misadventures.
Panda Jenn, our main character
Jenn has a strong sense of responsibility, usually to the point of
constant worry. She is sometimes perceived as being a little
neurotic. In many instances, she takes it upon herself to be
the voice of reason. In the rare moments she gets any down time,
she enjoys relaxing hobbies like drawing and gardening. She
hopes one day to publish her own comic, if she can ever come
up with a decent idea for one.
Cody, Jenn’s best friend and roomate
Cody has been Jenn’s best friend since childhood. He is the second
oldest of 4 siblings. Though he’s in his twenties he still behaves
like a teenager. He often acts on impulse without realizing the
consequences of his actions. His favorite pastime is spending hours
on end playing his video games.
Bridget, friend and roomate
Bridget is a nineteen year old college student. She has an incredibly
outgoing and bubbly personality which some people might find a little
frightening. She views the world with such childlike innocence which
allows her to remain optimistic even in the most hopeless of situations.
Because of such a trait, one would often question her grip on reality.
She’s an avid Star Wars fan with an extensive collection of memorabilia
and loves all things science fiction, comic book and anime related.
Ezekiel O. Possum, owner/manager of Zeek’s Nuersery and Jenn’s employer
Ezekiel (most often referred to as Zeek) is a kindly old possum who
lives in rural Winchester. His home doubles as his place of business
where he grows and sells plants and produce.
Andy, Cody’s friend and resident stunt monkey
We all have those irritating house guests… that one person who comes
over uninvited to mooch off your food, money and then proceeds to crash
on your couch. Andy is much worse. He considers himself a professional
stunt man, but he’s far from it. His stunts usually fail seconds after
they are initiated causing injury and several hundred dollars in
property damage.

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